Fred and Ginger by Michael Southan

“Ooh, you make me furious Carl. Right … I’m calm. Let’s take it again from the top!”
“Why am we dancin’ when nobody else is?”
“Cuz then if Mr F. sees how committed we am we’ll get a big role next year!”
“I day want a big role.”
“Why are you here then?”
“Detention. Tsk.”
Rehearsals after school. Izzy is in the chorus and wants to prove herself. She is determined to work her way up through the ranks and eventually secure a lead role, as one day she wants to ‘goo drama college’. Carl is only here because he got caught (allegedly) sellin’ sherbet Dib Dabs cut with washing powder.
Set in a Black Country secondary modern (or, if you will, an ‘Academy’), ‘Fred and Ginger’ is a bostin’ comedy drama that is an hommage to those halcyon days at school. It is a reminder that most of us manage to eventually grow up, find our own way, and leave education. But not necessarily in that order…
The show lasts about an hour and is suitable for folks over the age of 12 (‘cos there am a few naughty words in it!)