Bottleneck by Luke Barnes

'Am I a virgin? I think I am. I mean, it went in her, but it was floppy and it wasn’t very nice, so I think I am a virgin. I'll say I am – it'll look better on me uni applications.' Liverpool, 1989. 13-year-old Greg has an extraordinary tale to tell you. He lives on a council estate, has just started secondary school and earns pocket money sweeping up muzzie hair in a barbers. Liverpool FC are everything and, on his birthday, he defies his dad to go to see his beloved team play for the first time...



1989. Greg is 12 year’s old and lives with his dad, a respected member of the community, on the Boot in Liverpool. He spends most of his time with Tom, his best mate from the local comprehensive. Life is about to change in a way that Greg could never imagine…

Scene 1: WEDNESDAY (3 days before Greg’s birthday)

Scene2: THURSDAY (48 hours before Greg’s birthday)

Scene 3: FRIDAY (the day before Greg’s birthday)

Scene 4: SATURDAY (the day of Greg’s birthday)

Scene 5: ASSEMBLY (the following Monday)

Scene 6: THE FUTURE (23 years after Greg’s 13th birthday)

The action lasts approximately 75 minutes without an interval



Dominic is co-founder and producer for Gritty Theatre.


He has produced all of their productions to date. As an actor for them, he has appeared in About a Goth, Bones, Chapel Street, Death of a Clown, and Night before Christmas.


Other theatre includes We Lost Elijah, The History Boys, Lord of the Flies, Bottleneck, Dogs of War, Storyteller Storyteller, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Dominic has appeared in films including The Day That Broke and Thy Name is Woman and is currently recording a new feature Brumville. Film shorts include Cut Loose, Last Words, Scratch That and It Was Us.


Television appearances include Last Stop Café.



Ian is co-founder and artistic director of Gritty Theatre.


For Gritty Theatre he has directed About a Goth, Amateur Girl, Bones, Chapel Street, About a Goth, The Night Before Christmas and Stacey.


Other productions include: The Boy Who Grew Too Fast, The Telephone, A Hand of Bridge, Little Shop of Horrors, The History Boys, Lord of the Flies, Bottleneck, Notes for a first time Astronaut, Taming of the Shrew, and Cooking with Elvis.


Ian studied at the ‘Hochschule für Musik und Theater’ in Hamburg. He has worked for Hamburg State Opera, Stadttheater Bielefeld, Cologne Opera House, Spoleto Festival USA, Glyndebourne, Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh, and Royal Opera House London.